Monday, June 18, 2007

Craft in America

I watched the PBS video Bobbie sent me on the recent series, "Craft in America",Melissaquilt
and was glued to my chair for the full three (one hour) episodes.  I don't know where to start on this...and being speechless (or wordless, as the case may be) is not something that usually happens to me.

To say that these three programs have had a profound effect on me is an understatement.  My mind is going a million miles an hour and my feet are barely able to stay on the floor.  The inspiration of "meeting" so many

wonderful crafts people, hearing about their inspiration, processes, and dedication has rekindled a fire in me that has been burning low.  Not that these people haven't Colorchangeyarn
had other interruptions in their lives...but they have followed their bliss and against all odds, have made a commitment and found joy creating their chosen crafts.

As many of you know, Taos Sunflower was germinated and grown based on my love of spinning.  The original plan was to have an outlet to sell my hand spun yarns, and have that money do some good in the world.  I have spent the last five years being a business person, three of those five not even touching my wheels.  Happily, I'm spinning again and the money from those sales has been put right back out into our I'm partially back on track, and hope the message from this series puts me even more solidly back on the track to my love of dyeing and spinning.

Watch for changes in our shop as we refocus on products that have actually been made by or passed through the hands of crafts people.  It's going to be great fun to represent this (relatively) small community, and should provide inspiration for all of us! ---Martie

P.S.:  As if you hadn't already guessed, I *highly* recommend that you see this video.  In fact, I would welcome your comments on how it affects you.


Bennie said...

are those your yarns? the colors are just beautiful~~i love reading your blog!! Bennie

Teresa Q. said...

I ordered the DVD today!