Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You can help

It seems that you can't pass a day without being privy to a discussion, report, or rant about global warming.  If you've watched Al Gore's film, you know it's not anything new, we've just accelerated it beyond belief with our lifestyles (man's quest to make life easier has come home to roost).  We see it here, and no doubt, you see it wherever you live.  On any given day, you can let yourself get really depressed by all this.

Answers and theories abound, and we'd like to add our contribution.  I say we, because this actually comes from Mr. Sunflower himself, who normally knows I react fairly poorly to his suggestions.  Here it is, in all its glory and simplicity:  stay home and knit. 

I went searching for representations of the carbon footprint everyone is talking about and found two I will share today.  One is rather stylized,Ecofoot
the other is some sort of scientific photo I could not find an explanation for.  I have decided the latter would make a beautiful knitted fabric,Chromasiafoot
and wonder how many carbon hours one might save the world by staying home to recreate it in yarn...

Any suggestions from you on this topic are invited.  I think we, as knitters and crocheters, can be more proactive about these issues.  Let me know!  ---Martie

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bennie said...

I am all for staying home! Or at least always staying close to is were I am most happy and should be for everyone. I think people should really want to stay home and be happy...and if most people would live in a small home and not a McMansion then they could do this...most of the homes I looked at had just two bedrooms and one bath....I guess that is unheard of now-a-days....but I get to stay home....cause its all I need and what I can afford....and I can can knit!!!!