Saturday, June 16, 2007

A quiet Saturday

I am joyously home this weekend, excited to spend some time at the dye pots.  I have assistants this weekend, residents in a birdhouse we were given but never managed to put up. Library0007
It sits on the table top approximately 5 feet from where I stand to do my own work.  Since I'm at the shop so much, this is has not been an issue for them (both parents feed)...but it is now.  Yesterday as I was standing there, getting my stuff organized, one of them landed on the back of the chair across from me (about 2 ft.) and gave me the riot act, all the while holding a worm in its mouth.  Library0011
Today we're doing a little better.  They wait until I turn my back to fly in and out.  I'm hoping to catch flying lessons for the babies when that day comes...they are getting louder by the day, so I'm guessing it won't be long.

I've decided to bail out and come in to spin.  Bobbie sent me a video on a series PBS ran recently on Craft in America...anyone seen it?  What started out this morning Library0032
looking promising for a day of dyeing outdoors has suddenly changed to a hail & rain storm.  (Please note the warning signs I chose to ignore, hovering over the mountain behind my house.)

Afternoon showers in the mountains make my heart sing...the smell is intoxicating and my wildflowers (including sunflowers) love them.  As the old saying goes...want to see different weather?  Just wait 15 minutes...  ---Martie

PS:  As long as were talking about bugs, I can't help but share this moth photo with you. Library0030
It was on the wall outside my front door when I came home a few days ago.  I think it is beautiful...makes me think of ancient basket, weaving and pottery designs.  If anyone recognizes it and can tell me what kind of moth it is, I'd sure love to know.

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