Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Nancy shawl

The Nancy shawl is finished and today I found Joan Sunflower dressed in the perfect clothes to model it.  I thought we'd be really cool and photograph her modeling it out by the old wagon.  Very cool.  What I wasn't grokking was the concept of where to stand to get the light right (I know, I know, I need to read the instruction book for the camera, at minimum).  I got some reasonable photos and one great photo of the shawl across her back.  I just put it into Photoshop, selected the featured area, and cropped it,Img_1066_2
and here's what I got...and unfortunately, it was the best photo of the bunch.  (Of course, it's already deleted from my camera's memory card.)  If anyone has any clues about how I can retrieve this photo, once again I am appealing for your help (boy, it never ends, does it?).

I managed to salvage another, though, so here it is.  We love this shawl!  It's a perfect size for almost everyone...light and soft...just right for that little extraImg_1063
over your shoulders to cut a chill.  Not that a chill is anywhere in our futures (unless you're leaving in a different hemisphere)...it' still plenty warm here.

Thanks for all the response on my posting about the flood damage to the Ryan's homestead.  It makes my heart just about burst at how good people are.  You're pretty  wonderful, and I wish I could give you all hugs in person.

Off to get in an hour's knitting before bedtime...I've just started the "Modern Quilt Wrap" from Mags Kandis' new book, Folk Style.  This is a pretty cool book, if you haven't already checked it out...I highly recommend.---Martie


Mandie said...

The Nancy Shawl is gorgeous Martie, you must be very chuffed :-)
I wish I could help you with your pic, but Photoshop and I is not a good mix at all.

Martie said...

Mandie...maybe one of these days, it'll just mysteriously appear... :0)

Linda Sharp said...

Hi Marti!
The other night I was sitting at my computer and for some reason thought about Taos Sunflower. So I went to your beautiful web site and to the blog. I started reading and reading. This was my first time there. I absolutely loved reading your writings! They are so interesting. You are a great writer. It feels like it must come easy to you but maybe that's the sign of a good writer, that even though it has hard work, the reader gets a feeling of ease. I sense a lot of heart in your writings and I love that. I love the animals a lot too. Thanks for all you do.
Linda Sharp (Monte's friend)

Martie said...

Dear Linda: Thanks for all your kind words! Yes, I love to write and I'm happy to hear someone is enjoying the blog...sometimes, when you sit there writing, you wonder if there's anyone out there really reading it, and what they think, and if they come ever come back. You've really boosted my spirits! Hope you can come back to Taos soon...I think I missed you on your last visit! :0) Martie

Bennie said...

i dont know which is prettier the model or the shawl...must be the model in the shawl...didnt you just start that like a couple of days ago?? is it easy...like Bennie easy???...luv, bennie...hope your check arrived for the rovings i am actually jealous that i had um sent to my Mom.....

Martie said...

Bennie: Yes, that's the one...I started it right after I finished Anice and just worked an hour or so each day. It's a simple simple shawl to knit and (as you can see) really adorable on. XOXO M

Teresa Q. said...

As Bennie says, both the model & the shawl are lovely!! Wish I could see it in person.