Friday, August 3, 2007

Summer stuff

I have now passed my August 1 deadline to have the Anice shawl finished, but am up this morning in the wee hours to get in some more rows before the others wake up and I head off to work.

A message came yesterday from a neighbor that the bears were rooting around some of my neighbors' yards this week.  It's surprising they'd bother, as we've had a nice, rainy summer and the orchards in the valley just below us should be starting to produce lots of good, healthy, bear snacks.  Thelittleone
I'm thinking someone has left garbage out.  Last time this was a problem, several years back, some of my neighbors had their cars broken into, no doubt because of food left in the cars.  These are Black Bears, ursus Americanus, and are not, to my understanding, aggressive unless provoked.  I've seen them lumbering through the yard over the years, headed down to the orchards.  I've seen more on the news than in person...when they end up in someone's yard (in the city) and have to be relocated.  I don't have my own photo to share, but I found this on the web.  I was looking for a photo of an adult but couldn't pass up the baby...

Speaking of babies:  we have more at the shop that we're caring for.  Turtle, the mom (far right)Lastroll02
was captured and neutered just after having the babies.  She successfully nursed them to kitten hood and a few weeks ago, finally brought them to meet us.  There are two orange, one black, and one little tortoiseshell.  The young adult male,
who we've named Chester, is either Turtle's love interest and dad to the kittens, or her new best friend.  They are feral, although when the food dishes are put down, sometimes you can scratch a back or two.  I am hoping to have them neutered this month.  Library0048_2


My last "baby" picture is my new puppy.  He is 18 mos. old and a rescue from another shelter in the state (he was scheduled to be euthanized).  In keeping with our tradition of our Rottweilers having German names, he shall be called Horst.  He's being trained now, and I hope to bring him home in another week or two.  He's tall and has huge feet and goofy looking legs...not a good specimen for a Rottweiler...but he has THE most loving nature, I know he'll be a wonderful addition to our household.

He is currently living at New Mexico Canine Rescue and Safeguard, a no-kill rescue shelter owned by my dear friend Vee Adams.  NMCRS takes dogs and cats from NM shelters that have no more options in the system...they are given medical care, good food, lots of love and training to be someone's beloved companion.  Many of these dogs are sent to adoption centers in Colorado (where her dogs have enjoyed a 100% adoption rate) and the rest are adopted out either locally or through her website.  We are in the process of developing her website now, and please check it out if you can.  Donations of any amount are always welcomed...she is doing all this (mostly) on a wish and a prayer.---Martie 


RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
when is the date for the wedding again? Are you close to being done with the shawl? It must be getting quite long by now.
Cute little bear! None in our area, but I know folks in northern MN and Wisconsin have them raid bird feeders regularly. I know they're usually not aggressive, but would hate to come face-to-face with a hungry one!
is the picture of kitties at your shop? looks like they get the royal treatment! Thanks for caring and neutering.
Horst looks like a handsome guy. I hope he doesn't think he will be a lap dog once he moves in with you!

Martie said...

Hi Ruthie! Yes, kitties are at the shop. We've been feeding since last year, and started trapping and neutering this spring. There is a big field behind our building and it seems to have an endless supply of ferals for us to love and care for.
You are so right about Horst! During dog class last week, he was having a case of the puppy-crazies and about knocked me over a couple of times. He reminds me of Disney's Goofy...
The wedding turns out to be 9/23..I thought it was 9/29...shame on me...too much going on at this time of year!

Kay said...

I think Horst is a very handsome guy. Will love to know how much he weighs. I will be contacting Vee when it's time to add another Rottie to our household. Ruscues are the best.