Saturday, July 19, 2008

A play day

Not much excites me more these days more than a day at home to play with my stuff. 

In between other things this week, I've been spinning up some Teeswater locks.  Here's a photo Teeswaterskein
of one skein.  I'm having a hard time deciding if I should dye them or sell them in their natural white.  I haven't weighed this particular skein, but I'm guessing it's at least half a pound.  It is very soft and compels you to squish and hug it.  I've decided to wait until I have a bunch more spun up before deciding whether or not to dye them.  I guess I wonder if it would be more fun for someone to buy these and play with dyeing them themselves?

First on the wheel today:  this bad boy.  At the end of each dye day, we dye up a couple or three rovings with the assorted left over colors.  All Ancientcircle
bets are worrying whether things will look good together or not.  This is proving to be a valuable lesson for me on letting go...I'm starting to see a pattern of these being my favorite rovings.  (Control issues abound in my world.)  I've named this one Ancient Circle...I love how it looked as I photographed it on this piece of ancient stone .

I'm listening to a book on CD this week:  The Social History of Knitting.  I'm rather enjoying it.  I've found some others about knitting a little dry or not to my liking, but this one is keeping my interest.  It is one of a series published by Interweave Press...check their website for more information, or perhaps your local yarn shop has them in stock, as we do.

Well, I'm off now to put some new rovings in the web store and then head upstairs for a day of play...I hope you're having a fun weekend, whatever you're doing.

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