Sunday, July 27, 2008

Take a hike

This past week, my friend Margaret dragged my behind out of the house long enough to go for a hike.Aspengrove
My favorite trail is one that branches off the road to the ski valley, just a few miles up from our shop in Seco.  It is called Italianos.  Chuck
I've never made it to the top, but hope some day I will.  There is a trail system that starts from the ski valley.  It is a long trail that runs along the mountain ridge, beginning at one end in the ski valley and ending somewhere up above my house.  There are many trails that connect to it...Italianos being one of maybe four or five that start from the paved road.  Butterfly
I once had a fantasy of hiking up from the ski valley and following the ridge to my home.  Once.Smmushrooms

Chuck the wonder man (my IT guru and guardian angel) was here late this week.  Yesterday I dragged him away from his computer long enough to go hike part of Italianos with me.  One of the fun things about this trail is the number of times you get to cross the river.  We crossed it approximately 5-6 times yesterday (going up), and we only climbed about 1.5 miles in.  It was glorious.  Here are some treats from yesterday to share with you.


RuthieJ said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I can almost hear that stream rushing over the rocks and smell the cool, clean air. Thanks for sharing this.

Martie said...

Thanks, Ruthie! I was hoping you'd see them!