Monday, July 21, 2008

Three good days

It's amazing what you can get done if you don't have lots of interruptions and keep focused (something I've long struggled with).  I've gotten some great things done since I last wrote.

First, I did, indeed, have my way with the roving I called Ancient Circle.  Ancientcircleyarn
It was ever so luscious to spin.  I decided to spin it in a singles, so the colors will knit up in stripes.  I'm thinking it will make a nice hat...there are approximately 160 yards on the skein, so there's plenty to work with.  I found another roving that is dyed in colors that will maybe I'll spin it up and put them on the web store together at the same time.  For now, I'm just loving looking at it.

I spent lots of the day Saturday dyeing up wool fabrics for hooking mats.  Some of it from stash that I've had for about 20 years (She Who Hoards) and other pieces from clothing I've found at the only thrift store in town that seems to sell wool things at less than Macy's prices.  This was lots of fun; I did two kettles at a time, so I got a good assortment of reds, greens, blues, purples, and some colors in between.  Woolfabdyed
I have dried them all and rolled them into tidy bundles with little ties of jute.  It makes me feel so organized, I am waiting to sprout wings.

Then on Sunday I decided to cruise the internet for rug hooking blogs.  Yay!  I've found a couple of great ones.  One is from a woman who is (gasp) hooking a 7' x 9' rug of her own, wonderful, design.  I was so stricken by her work, I raced upstairs and measured off a huge piece of linen.  As of about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, I have drawn my own pattern on the linen for a 4' x 6' rug, to be hooked with yarns instead of fabrics.  Soon as I finish this posting, I'm headed to my chair to start.  Maybe it's a good idea for me to get back to work keep me out of trouble?

P.S.  It has been raining for almost two hours...most of our summer afternoon thunderstorms have swept past us and gone to the valley, instead.  This is great for our cisterns and our wildflowers...sunflowers, and our baby aspens that popped up this spring.  I just is 56F.  Good sleeping weather, as Garrison says.

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Bennie said...

That yarn is beautiful!!!...I cant wait to get my new rovings. I have spun with many, many rovings and yours are absolutely the best. Bennie