Monday, September 15, 2008

Dog therapy

When I'm away from home, I miss my cats and dogs terribly. I find myself talking baby talk and making a fool out of myself at the sight of a neighbor's cat or a dog being walked by its owner. It is, if you'll forgive me, just dog gone hard to not be with my buddies.

This evening we got the news that my sister is going to be allowed to come home tomorrow. There is much joy all around. I know she will heal faster at home, where she can sleep, get good meals, and have some puppy loves from Max, her German shepherd (?). Max appeared one day about two months ago and refused to leave. Janie had been missing the love of a dog but was waiting until her surgery was behind her to adopt. There are more than a couple of us who believe his arrival was no accident.

Tomorrow there will be three VERY happy humans and one canine bursting with joy!

(P.S. He has sure saved me these last two weeks.)

Dog therapy


HollyEQQ said...

I love Max. How could you not? Plus, I am sure he was the perfect distraction as she waited....
I am so glad she is coming home! Squeeeeeeee. I know she will be happy and you even more so.
Big hugs and loves.

Kay said...

Max is the MAN! Did you take pic with IPhone again?

RuthieJ said...

Great news Martie--I'm so glad your sister is ready to continue recuperating at home.
Max is sure a handsome guy!

Bennie said...

there looks to be a lot going on behind those brown eyes...