Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New possibilities

A year is ending and I'm in that dormant part of my year, that week between Christmas and New Year.  I'm tired of
it being so dark in the morning, sad this year passed so quickly, and happy
it's almost over (I am a person of many contradictions).NMColorWindow2

All the while, I'm trying hard to will myself out of a much too long creative slump.  I knitted a box full of donation scarves for the St. Elizabeth's homeless shelter in Santa Fe, and while that gave me great purpose, it wasn't creative and inspiring.  I'm sort of half way enjoying myself crocheting a shawl right now, trying to use up my stash of Manos del Uruguay yarn.  RanchosChurch

As I was cruising blogs tonight, I found a lovely posting about us on Phat Fiber's blog.  It made me realize that all I need to do is stop and take another good look around for my inspiration.  Then, as I was cruising some photos I took this fall, it really reinforced that I just need to remember to keep my eyes open.  NMColorWindow

My best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday.  May we all have a
great new year, one with possibilities yet unseen and optimism for a
new future.

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