Monday, December 15, 2008

Waiting for the storm

These grey days are killing me.  We're supposed to be having snow...but yesterday's snow just blew the heck right out of here with high winds (the ski valley reported gusts in excess of 70 mph...brrrrrrr).

Yesterday was spent waiting.  Mr. Sunflower made a fire, I ignored the computer and hung out at my spinning wheel.  I could share with you that I was watching the Waltons, but that might further your suspicion that I'm totally weird.  OK, so I gave myself a set of all their programs for Christmas.  So now you know, for sure.

In the meantime, everyone else around here was bored.  Since Maynard died, we've come to learn that Larry and Bob hate each other.  That's just swell, since Bob is the kitten I got to keep Larry company.  I managed to catch a portrait of Larry in between him yelling at me.  If I haven't mentioned this before, I think he's the tortured soul of someone trying to get a message to me...he almost never shuts up.

And the dogs...well...they called a truce too...and for once, I actually caught them napping together.


Jessie said...

Aww precious!!!
Hehee we all have our closet tv programs we watch I think ;)

Mickey said...

Is that why our our cat, Sugar, (also black and white) talks so much? She's a tortured soul?! Living here at in Cat Hotel Heaven where felines are waited on hand and foot? She should try being me for a while then she'd know what tortured REALLY is.
I love your photography.

Bennie said...

our animals have the life! i am the one that adores Xena the Warrior Princess...

Bennie said...

our animals have the life!, mbg...and ps remember i am the one that loves Xena the Warrior Princess

shawn said...

i love visiting your