Monday, December 22, 2008


Not much to report these last days...the biggest news being that on Saturday we actually had some blue sky for a while.  (That's really big news to me.)  We're having snow showers now and three storms are backed up and headed in.  SnowCurlBatteryRoom
Not much hope of more blue for days to come.

The book I'm reading (Mexican Enough) is compelling me to go to bed earlier than usual each evening to get back to it.  It's the story of the author's search for her family's roots in Mexico...her dad is Anglo but her mother's family came from Mexico three generations ago.  It's especially interesting to me, as we have the same "biethnic" profile (she actually refers to herself as biracial).  My grandfather came from Mexico to Arizona, where he married my grandmother (also Hispanic) and my dad was born in Tucson.  Anyone who knows me knows how very very Anglo I I jokingly refer to myself as a crypto-Hispano.  It's like having a happy little secret you carry around in your heart on some days, and on others it's like having your face up against a glass wall, looking in, but no one can see or hear you.SnowCurlSideView

We had some interesting snow curls off our roof the other morning.  I decided to share a couple of photos with you.  I love finding fun in the little things. 

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