Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Off the radar

Senior-Ticket I've been lying low these last weeks, at least, in terms of all things Taos Sunflower and the internet. 

I just returned from a long visit with family and friends in SoCal.  What always seems to be a great expanse of time in the planning somehow  ends up going past like a movie on fast-forward. Packing for this trip always includes at least three books, my camera, sketch books, colored pencils, pens, and enough knitting to see me through until the next season.  Never mind that I am not going into the wilderness, I just like to be prepared.  Oh...and my computer goes with me, just in case I have free time to start writing my book (after I read the ones I brought, do some artwork, and knit all that yarn). 

I'm now in post-vacation recovery mode, with a long lists of things I will be working on soon.  The new Roving Art subscriptions open up on Labor Day weekend, and I have some Free Fall rovings dyed that have never been photographed and put on Etsy.  I'm moving in slow gear these days, trying not to take on more than I can successfully manage and eliminating things that I have finally acknowledged I'll never get to.  It's a challenge to slow down after these last years of craziness with the yarn shop.  I have a blessed life...I want to slow down and enjoy it more.

Oh...and this little tidbit about my trip:  I got my first ever senior discount at the matinee one day.  OUCH.


Penni said...

Welcome back. Can hardly wait to see what you will be up to. Happy dyeing!

Kay said...

Amen, sister. Seniors rule!

StephanieG said...

Embrace your senior status and the wisdom that comes with it.

RuthieJ said...

Now my question is, did you "ask" for the senior discount or did the young person issuing tickets just look at you and assume you were eligible?
oh well, at least you can enjoy the savings, right?

6secoyarnhos said...

Ruthie: At least she had the decency not to offer it, but since she was basically a kid, I'm sure I looked older than dirt to her anyway. No, it was one of my "senior" sidekicks, Kay, who suggested it. If the ticket seller had offered it, I would've been in a lot worse shape than I am already over this! :0)

Birdsong said...

I have to laugh at your description of packing.. it so resembles my own process! Always wanting to fit everything in:)