Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nature Knitter

Green-Hummer-1 A couple of years ago, maybe, I "met" my friend Ruthie, aka Nature Knitter, when I posted some comments about photos of the birds that were nesting in my carport.  She's a knitter (with her own Etsy store, which, unfortunately, I didn't capture the link for) and among other things, an avid nature enthusiast.  Since we've met, we occasionally share personal correspondence, but mostly keep track of each other through our blogs.

At a time when I was struggling to understand what this blog should be about, it was those early conversations that encouraged me to keep posting my little nature events.  I'm like a kid, and want to share them.  Thank you, Ruthie, for giving me the boost I needed to stay on that track.Green-Hummer-2

With all of that in mind, a few days ago I visited this little hummingbird.  A friend found her while in our forest.  When I went to find her to take this photograph, it took me a few minutes to realize her perfectly camoflauged nest was practically under my nose.  She wasn't exactly thrilled to see me, needless to say.  I took one photo on my way down the driveway, and another on the way back. 

Ruthie, these are for you!


Penni said...

Wow, she's beautiful. What a wonderful photo. I have never asked what kind of camera do you use? Thanks for the encouragement to LOOK. I am taking more photos of plants and animals around me thanks to you and now I know, thanks to Nature Knitter.

Martie said...

Penni: I use a Canon Rebel SLR digital...12.1 mega pixel...for most of my photos...but the photos of the hummingbird and the big thundercloud were taken with my iPhone camera, which is also a great camera (and probably just great enough for most purposes, to be honest).

RuthieJ said...

Oh Martie, That's way cool and I'm so jealous! I've been watching hummingbirds in the backyard this week and dreaming that someday I might find one of their nests and now you've found one for me!
Thank you for a beautiful post, my dear friend!
Hugs from Minnesota!!