Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation knitting

Mother-and-Child-Shawl-1 Taking a trip is almost always the signal to root through my stash and find a new project to knit.  Not that I finish said project on my trip, but when it is finished one day, it's then a record of whatever I was doing at the time and hopefully, good memories to go with it.MotherandChild1Det

I am behind on spinning to keep up with my enthusiastic spinner members of this spring's Roving Art group.  I have spun the first month's, inspired by Mary Cassatt's painting "Mother and Child".  It's what came with me on this trip.  For my own knitting enjoyment, I'm knitting a simple triangle shawl with occasional rows of eyelet.  Despite having been blown away seeing some of my Roving Art yarns spun up and knitted into lace by some members, I can't bring myself to spend that kind of concentration while I'm here to have fun.

Despite all best efforts to make this a lighter weight, two ply, I'm using a size 10 needle and you'll's not particularly loose or lacy.  Once a rug wool spinner, always a rug wool spinner????


Kay said...

Oh, THAT triangle shawl. It's so trusty. Beautiful.

Kay in Albuquerque said...

What a great job of dyeing you did. Anything you do with it will be outstanding! So it's not especially lacy? Hey - one warm winter shawl coming up!
(This is from the Other Kay)

Martie said...

Thanks, Other Kay!!!

RuthieJ said...

The colors in that shawl are so beautiful! I love it.