Sunday, October 4, 2009

One year ago today

At 5:00 p.m. on Sunday of Wool Festival 2008, we closed the doors of Taos Sunflower Yarns & Fibers forever.  Wow.  Where did that year go?

Time was spent mopping up the many loose ends that came with the closing...bookkeeping, packaging  and counting the remaining inventory, fielding phone calls, correspondence, and having to turn away sad faces at our door on the days we were still working in the shop. 

A month later we (Monte and I) opened the Etsy shop, and got thoroughly absorbed in all things Etsy for the next several months.  It was an intense learning curve (still is, actually).  Suddenly I found myself spending countless hours on the computer trying to understand all this "social networking" stuff.  Not so good for me!  I made it about one month (if that) on Twitter, failed miserably at being an on-line group person, and have had a love-hate relationship with Facebook, which I have now winnowed down to only a handful of friends and family I know I would never ever hear from otherwise.  It recently came to me that "social networking" might be a nice euphemism for voyeurism, but then remember I've chosen to put myself out there and need to suck it up and take what that may bring back to me.

It's been a year of big changes for me personally.  I'm really enjoying the chance to learn new things, travel a bit more, and spend more time hanging out with Mr. Sunflower and enjoying our little piece of the forest. 

I feel like something big is around the corner, but I want to rest a bit more before I step out there to see what it might be.


shawn said...

isn't it wonderful to know that all the big decisions you are making, about how you want to live, are the right

Kay said...

Maybe your art is going to take off for you as personal enjoyment. Goodness knows accumulating the toys is a blast, isn't?

6secoyarnhos said...

Yes, it all feels good...I've had a hard time adjusting to having such freedom after all the big responsibility.

Liz said...

I feel fortunate that I was able to go to your shop for the first time before it closed. I wish you all the best and love your blog. Good luck to you!

Taos Sunflower said...