Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip project

For this trip, I packed every little bit of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted that I could find in the house. It's fun on road trips, because I can take lots to work with, and my palette is extended.

I'm planning to make 20 of these blocks for a 4 x 5 block blanket for children ages 7-14 in Afghanistan, the current campaign of Afghans for Afghans. Deadline is the end of October. It takes about 3-4 hours for me (including daydreaming time) to make each block. I'll crochet them together and crochet an edging. Putting them together is the most fun for me.

Yesterday I thought I'd go poking around the internet to see what projects are active for donations these days. I found one that particularly interests me, making blankets to comfort wounded and disabled soldiers. This project is called Blankets of Hope. I also found a long list of groups looking for donations on the Interweave Press site.

These are the blocks I've made so far. I have a hard time not being controlling over the colors and find it's best for me to pick blindly from a basket and not think it over too much.


Twisted in Texas said...

I love these. think I will check out Blankets of Hope. My three baby blankets are headed to Afganistan project today. Thanks for steering me it .

Twisted in Texas said...

make that "to it". Geez..

RuthieJ said...

Those squares are beautiful. It's neat to think about some child in Afghanistan being curled up and warm in the blanket you made for them, isn't it?