Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It was great while it lasted

Yesterday we saw what seems to have become a limited quantity in Taos this winter: sunshine. Not a milky sky that purports to be "sun", but the real deal. Sunshine so bright the snow looked alive with jewels everywhere you looked. Sunshine so bright our skies were that incredible blue we're famous for. Sunshine so bright I spent the day smiling and feeling like I had suddenly lost a huge weight off my shoulders. We were all smiling...even the kidding.

I took Sascha for a walk so we could enjoy the wonder of it all. In some places, I sank into snow up to my knees (that would be 22"). She all but disappeared, but has learned to frog leap from one spot to the next, hoping for more shallow ground on the next landing. We made snow angels, and I wished I could manage a camera while wrangling one wiggly Rottweiler on a long lead. It was pure joy. It was why I love to live here. Nature at her most stunning.

I know this may seem to be a silly posting, but it has been so grey and depressing here, I had to share this. I have been feeling like someone has put a dark blanket over me for months, as you may have noticed since I've had little inspiration for posting.

Notice to El Nino: you can go back to where you came from, we're over it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martie: GREAT post !!!! yippppeeee the sun is back - wellllll, for a day or so, ha : ) we seem to be experiencing the same, the sun playing peeek-a-boooo, today it is back to grey and glooom, but what the hey : ) love your "notice to ElNino" welll, the same post goes to LaNina, hahahaha : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

Anonymous said...

No, not a silly posting. Glad the sun came back in all its brightness for you. Nature as you say, most stunning. Blanket is off for awhile.

Kim said...

Great post! Yesturday I looked up at the sky and for a brief moment I couldn't figure out what was wrong....I had become accustomed to looking up and seeing grey!! Such a treat to see the sunshine. Spring is around the corner.

RuthieJ said...

We've had glorious sunshine here for the last few days too......definitely made the last 3 sub-zero mornings a bit more tolerable. Looking forward to "normal" highs this weekend (low 30's)

Birdsong said...

We so need the rain here that I have tried hard not to complain... but have been dreaming about gardening and hikes, so certainly feel the same yearning you express.

Taos Sunflower said...

Birdsong: Boy, isn't that the truth. After our drought years, I swore I'd never complain about mud season again! Big news: sunshine today!!!