Friday, April 16, 2010

And now, back to my other life

These last nine days have just flown. Somewhere in there, I've visited with friends, eaten too many meals in restaurants, and gotten lots of hugs from a 4 year old.

My yarn arrived last weekend and I have knitted it, pulled it out, and re-knitted it several times. I finally decided to just fall back on an old favorite...the basic granny square. I'll probably put the squares together in a scarf, or if not, just put them in a pile and admire them. This is yarn I spun from 4 oz. of batts from Moonrover, my favorite batt maker. Her batts are exquisitely composed of the finest hand dyed wools and lend themselves to being spun into fine yarns, to be plied or not. She is a master with her colors...both simple and complex at the same time, if you'll forgive my using those terms in the same breath.

I'll be heading back to NM tomorrow. There is much to be done before I come back here in several weeks. Here's a photo of last evening's sunset. No matter how much my little town has grown in the 45+ years I've been around here, it still always makes me think of Grover's Corners in Thornton Wilder's classic play, "Our Town"...especially when I hear the bells clanging for the trains.


swamericana said...

Beautiful photo of sunset. I can see why you are so attached to it. What a grandchild with hugs. I got a colored picture by my grandchild in the mail today. There remains a hope that they'll make it better.

swamericana said...

I saw that you are making afghans for Afghans. Such a big heart you have, Martie. Brenda and I saw the Sacred Heart hospital in Haiti last night and want to give some money to them.