Friday, April 23, 2010

High speed week

We returned to Taos last Saturday afternoon, following on the tail of a rain and thunderstorm. I took this photo to show you. As we drove up our own long, dirt, road, the sky was deep steel blue and the clouds were overlaid in silver tones. It was quite a sight to behold.

While we were gone, our friend Nyikhil was enjoying a visit with her Lama and his translator. He is Tibetan, and speaks no English, so our own communications with him were largely smiles and head bumps. He fell in love with Taos, and made the rounds...from the pueblo to WalMart...I wish I could have seen his wonder as he visited these places. Here's a photo of them, taking before he left for the airport on Sunday morning.

I missed my spinning terribly last week, but there's been little time to spin since returning home. I'm busily compiling a list of necessities to take with me when I return to the coast in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking this is the time to do some of that hand piecing and quilting I've been meaning to do for, well, maybe 18-20 years now. Oh...and take that yoga mat and exercise DVDs, since you just never know when the urge to exercise might strike (ha!). I'm also planning (operative word: planning) to get back out to the dye room before I go, so I can have more fibers to sell from my temporary Etsy location this summer. The funny part about all this is that no matter how long the lists get, or how many good intentions I have, I'm finding more and more that I only seem to have one speed these days...which predetermines what will be accomplished, despite lofty goals.

So here's a shot from this morning...snow again. Have a good weekend, wherever you are!


Poetrycompany said...

Great photos! Can't believe it is snow again. Just remember that most lists are forgotten (at least in my world)! Welcome back to Taos.

swamericana said...

Hi, Martie: Snow in April? Yes. What a shot of snow and the thunderstorm. Really awesome photo of the storm. You are bouncing, I know, twixt coast and mountains. But, what a life! I know that quality you have: one speed, these days. You speak for me. Wish I had some of your cold weather. Summer here is going to be bad.

Taos Sunflower said...

Teresa: You are so right. At least making the lists feels good at the time, even if I don't remember to look at them.

Jack: sorry to hear you're headed to a bad summer. Do you get the summer rains like we do?