Monday, April 12, 2010

Note from my other world

I have been here for four, very busy, days. I have collected hugs from my family, seen my new grand baby via sonogram, and last night, enjoyed a long evening and dinner with the dearest of friends...the kind of friends who have become family over the years. I am content.

Somehow I managed to leave my knitting in Taos...horror of all Saturday found me visiting the little yarn shop near my home, Common Threads. I'm lucky to have such a sweet shop nearby. I ended up buying spinning fiber, which was pretty funny, since I have enough for a while at home. I decided it was double the bang for the buck...spin it first, then knit it. Keeping my hands busier for longer is always a challenge.

It's raining here this morning and I am thrilled. Sitting here at Mr. Sunflower's desk (in the room we affectionately refer to as The Bridge), the rain is coming in from the sea and running down the glass, giving my broad view of my little town, the palm trees, and the sea the feeling of a painting that seems to be melting a bit down the paper. Below me the train is heading north, transporting passengers to Los Angeles and points north. It's a sound I never tire of.

This rain will be great for our stand of bamboo, planted many years ago in my small attempt to block out the home built behind ours. That's the thing about being here versus Taos...getting used to the density. It will probably be one of my biggest challenges this summer.


Poetrycompany said...

Beautiful window....lovely scene skillfully painted in words. As always, I love reading what you write. You are such a talented lady.

seashells said...

welcome back to the hustle and bustle!

Taos Sunflower said...

THanks, Teresa! Thanks, Shelly!

swamericana said...

What a good return to old places. Bamboo plants, I used to have them next to a trailer house in central Texas--the wind would rustle their big leaves. You write of the train, a sound you never tire of...fine sentence, good memories and a well-settled mind in place. The density...yes, Martie, a challenge. We traveled Wednesday to a place north of DFW, density, density, density. But, when we got to Jimmie Hardin's place, she had carved out a few acres in the midst of a small town and was surviving with landscape that was pleasing--like yours--so that I trusted her with my young colt to train. I love your reference to the sea. I look forward to more of your posts from your new place. --Jack