Monday, June 14, 2010

The noisy neighbors

One of the trade offs for being here with all the conveniences is the noise factor. I've probably talked about this in another post (forgive my memory, or lack of). There is a major interstate (5) about 4 blocks, as the crow flies, and if the air is just right, it can sound like it's just outside my bedroom window. Then there's the fire department a few blocks away, the highway (101) just below our house, and my dearly beloved (seriously) train at the end of our street.

Having said all of that, I have found a new environmental noise that has been perplexing: birds singing all night long. My son finally told me it's probably Mockingbirds, because they are at his house as well. In fact, he has one that mimics a car alarm. Guess I should count my lucky stars mine only seems lonely. I just checked in out on Wikipedia, and it is, indeed, a Northern Mockingbird, and here's part of the story:

The Northern Mockingbird, in addition to being a good mimic, is also one of the loudest and most constantly vocal of birds. It often sings through the night, especially unmated males, or when the moon is full. It sings year-round except sometimes for the late-summer molting season. Individual males have repertoires of 50 to 200 songs; females sing as well, but more quietly and less often than males. Mockingbirds usually sing the loudest in the twilight of the early morning when the sun is on the horizon.

I have decided, now that I understand, to pay more attention after this, and not be so quick to get annoyed. After's much better than listening to the human neighbors, at any time of the day!

Reference and photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Beautiful picture but I had no idea they sang all night. How interesting but perplexing of course for you.
I share your problem with traffic noise. This beautiful ranch that I work and live on sits on the hwy between Austin and Houston so if I had a nickle or penny for each one passing by I could buy this place. hahah
The beauty of it though is worth the noise most of the time..
Hope your doing well. Miss visiting everyone

Taos Sunflower said...

Hi Maggie: I guess we just need to find a way to blank out the noise, either with more noise or in our own heads! Good to hear from you. XOXO Martie