Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rocking and rolling

I grew up in Southern California and should be used to these things, but apparently, I'm out of training.

I was watching a movie night before last when suddenly my bed felt like it was sinking...then my bed, and my house started shakiing from side to side. There was a creaking noise for accompaniment, just like in the movies (the walls, no doubt). It was, well...creepy.

I catapulted out of bed and hit the USGS site. Turns out it was a 5.7 "after shock" to the much larger Easter Sunday earthquake that rattled the southern border of California, near Ocotillo. Those poor folks. A quick peek at the USGS site showed me there have been after shocks approximate every couple of minutes since Easter. There were literally dozens that had occurred between the one I felt Monday night and when I check their site again yesterday morning.

Ah, life on the fault lines. Guess I need to get my earthquake juju back if I'm going to be happy hanging out here for a while.


Kim said...

Scary. I would have bolted out of bed too! I guess that is an unfortunate trade off for the beautiful California weather. Stay safe.

Orange Sink said...

I just can't imagine it!! Stay safe! Lot's of scary things happening everywhere it seems. Cathy G

Penni said...

brings back memories!

Taos Sunflower said...

It is a wee bit scary, but my friends here just laugh at me for getting I said, I'm just out of training!

swamericana said...

What a difference in geography. I've never experienced a quake. Maybe a little one in LA during a summer at UCLA, but not to shake, rattle and roll. (Sage to Meadow, Jack Matthews)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Scary is not the word honey. I would of had an accident in my pants if I had that happen to me. Good gosh look how far your from there but still get the after shocks. OH MY!
Theres room out here on the north forty if you want to move to Texas but bring some Off with you. hahaha
Don't know if you heard the updates on my MRI's but I ended up having two broken vertibraes and have been flat on my back for a while now but am finally getting where I can sit up for longer periods of times but then back to bed.
Miss you