Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Raging Fire Moves Closer To Los Alamos

I returned to Taos yesterday afternoon. This fire started Sunday afternoon, and as of this afternoon, they estimate it's up to at least 61,000 acres. There are several other fires here in NM; we are having a horrid drought year and have had high winds for months and months.

We aren't near any of the fires, although the air quality is poor because of them. I feel so sorry for the citizens of Los Alamos...many lost their homes eleven years ago, the last big fire that struck them. At least this time everyone was prepared, and evacuations went smoothly. The local area shelters are taking as many animals as they can, and in addition to temporary shelters for evacuees, I hear there are hotels and motels offering special rates for those who wish to stay there, instead. I love the way New Mexicans step in to help others when times get tough.


Orange Sink said...

I feel so for the people and pets near the fires. It's getting scary so near those nuclear waste sites. Hope you and your family stay safe!
Cathy G

echiment said...

yikes Martie. Poor Los Alamos. When will you be "back?"

Taos Sunflower said...

Yes, the nuclear waste issue is a hot topic on the news (no pun intended). I can't even let myself go there. I have to keep in perspective that while I was in beautiful southern California recently, enjoying sunny days and the marvels of the ocean, we were getting nailed with radioactivity from the Japan disaster. I don't think, the way the world is now, and with all the nuclear facilities we have, there's anywhere safe to be anymore. Sort of like when the Eagles said "you can check out, but you can never leave."

Ter'e said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering what problems you may be having in Taos due to all the poor air quality.
Watching the fires and hearing all the news is just heart wrenching. I well remember when the Cedar Fire hit San Diego and my Mom and Grandma lost their homes. I hate raging fires.
Curious question - did you notice, first hand, any problems on the coast of CA???? I wonder about that too.
Like you say.......we are not safe anywhere. I guess all we can do is pray and aid our fellow neighbor..............

Loving it that you are "back". Sure love hearing your voice again.
xoxoxox Ter'e

Taos Sunflower said...


I forgot about your family's losses in the Cedar fire. How horrid for them. Roger was actually in Encinitas when that started up, and the air there was so horrid he had to leave and come back here. Now he is gone back there to be able to breathe...he has pretty bad asthma. The air is pretty awful. Tonight the fire is over 72,000 acres and is fast approaching the dubious distinction of being the largest wildfire in NM history. Oh...and did I mention that last night, some idiot in my (forest) neighborhood was shooting off fireworks? Good grief! XXXX

Taos Sunflower said...

PS Ter'e: What sorts of problems on the coast?