Thursday, February 2, 2012

At last

When I first read that a book about Doris Eaton's work had been published, I rushed straight to Amazon to pre-order it.  Months and months and months went by and they could never get it for me, so I gave up.  I knew I could order it from Canada, but the postage would be prohibitive.

But wait!  Amazon finally has it and so do I.  I am beyond excited.  I got up early this morning and spent an hour lovingly reading the beginning of this beautiful book.  I love that she uses recycled materials (hard to find in Taos) and I love that she does her own designs; while I've done other people's designs up until now, just to get some hooking and color practice under my belt, I want to design my own work from here forward.  Because of my years long love affair with historic and contemporary tapestry weaving, I am eagerly hoping to find a happy medium between weaving and hooking, in terms of my own designs.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend this book.  Lucky you who live in Nova Scotia and may have studied with this great woman!!!  If you have, I'd love to hear your stories.


Kim said...

I've never had an opportunity to hook with her but saw her at Deannes studio once.

Orange Sink said...

Have been wanting that book sooooooooo bad!!! Everyone gives such rave reviews! I need to sell a rug or something first though!!
Cathy G

Taos Sunflower said...


I bet she's a really nice person. Lucky you.

Cathy: I'd loan you mine except I'm too attached to it!! :0)

Lesley Ann Staples said...

I'm looking forward to reading this. I am hearing great things about it. Let us know. Hugs