Saturday, February 25, 2012

Picking up where I left off...

Our visitors headed out early this morning for their long drive back to NY.  It has been the best week; meeting kindred spirits known only through cyberspace was just like having an old friend arrive to catch up after a long absence.  I wish this could happen more often, because I just know that so many of you I've met through blog land are people I'd love to hang out with given the chance.  Maybe a blogger reunion someday?

Until then, my thanks to Robyn, the wonderful Lucy and the shy Finn for taking three days from your busy travels to come and visit our world.  I look forward to visiting your world one day.  Safe travels to you.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I have four more days here before leaving for California.  I have things pretty well wrapped up but want to work some more on this Primitive Spirit design by Karen Kahle before leaving.  I took this photo a week or more ago and have covered a lot of ground since then, but know I won't finish it before I leave.  I took the overall photo hoping you could see what a mess there is all around my frame, but for reasons I can't explain, it doesn't really show.  Believe looks like wool snippet snow up there, but it's pretty.

Have a good weekend...


Kim said...

A blogger reunion would be so much fun. Nice to see your hooking project :)

Orange Sink said...

Better be careful what you wish for Martie! A whole slew of rug hookers could wind up on your doorstep! Especially those hoping to escape places with frigid weather;-> But what fun!!
Your Karen Kahle rug is wonderful!! Luscious colors and wools! I love her designs and technique! I know what you mean by a sea of snippets and wool... my studio is underwool most of the time! It inspires me too!
Cathy G