Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An exciting day

This afternoon, I'm going to meet my blog friend Robyn Love of My Fair Isle.  I should say we, actually, because it'll be Ani and Roger and I acting as the welcoming committee.  Robyn is on a road trip with her two kids, Lucy and Finn, and when she decided to take this trip, we hit the jackpot when she decided to come way out of her way to visit Taos.

I've been trying to be cool about this, like it's an old friend coming, not someone I've never met.  I feel like she's an old friend, because we've been connected via cyberspace for the last few years.  Today I'm losing my composure...I'm just flat out excited!  I don't know how long they plan to be here in Taos (I fear not long enough) so I've cleared the slate to be sure to be available whenever they want some company.



Robyn said...

Yippee indeed!! See you later! Did I just write that??

island sweet said...

i'll be there in spirit!

Sara said...

how lovely! Have lots of fun!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Having met blogger friends I can assure you that it's wonderful! You already have stuff to talk about...and then getting to know them in person...so nice!
Have fun!

MyMixMix said...

And, I am looking forward to joining in the excitement tomorrow....when Robyn continues her journey up the long haul from Santa Fe to Taos.