Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celebration days

Barbara & Terri at the scene of the crime
The days since my last posting have been flying and filled with happiness.  My son had a birthday this past week and I was left scratching my head, wondering how this handsome man could be 38 years old and I still a mere sprout.  Ooops...until my birthday yesterday, that is, when I found myself staring on line at the application for Social Security I am now entitled to. 

Terri, my friend from TX, has come back to hang out and quilt with me.  Her birthday was Tuesday, so on Monday we grabbed my long time sewing buddy and dear friend Barbara, and sailed off into the wilds of San Diego to "kill" some fabric.  A great time it was!!!  Lunch followed, at one of my San Diego favs...DZ Aikens, a huge Jewish restaurant and deli with fabulous food.  Weight Watchers be damned!

Urban Art fabric
Make Quilts from Urban Art
We hit Rosie's Calico Cupboard, which Barbara tells me is the largest quilt store on the west coast.  I believe it!   They have a new buyer, and the selection is now including some of the modern quilting designers' fabrics, which is a happy thing to find.  I found a selection of fabrics I didn't expect to find and went, well, a bit nuts over them, if you must know.  I've included some photos of the evidence. 

And now, back to my quilting.  Thanks for stopping by!


island sweet said...

happy happy birthday martie. these are the very best years! xxx

Orange Sink said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARTIE! It is wonderful to be rewarded with Soc. Sec isn't it?!!! I LOVE those fabrics I would have to frame a piece I think!!!
Your sheep left here a couple of days ago looking for greener pastures! He awaits your return to NM I'm sure by now!!
Keep on Celebrating!!
Cathy G

Ter'e said...

Well Happy Birthday my Sweetie!!!! Gosh I wish I was in SD playing with you!!!! If you need to have a good Mexican fix, try Casa Guadalajara. The food is fabulous and the margs even better!!!! We'll be in SD over my birthday, in August. (the first week). Will you be there???? Hey - if you are - here is your invite for lunch!!!! I'll treat you to a good Mexican lunch!!!!! xoxoxoxox

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Martie!
A great way to spend the day...with good friends, and doing something you love. Those fabrics are quite amazing.