Friday, March 9, 2012


I've been up to no good again, buying fabric for my stash.  In all fairness, I have a lot less fabric than my quilter friends, so I don't feel out of control (yet).  I'm starting to also build little stacks for special projects to come. 

One of those stacks was started when I got all those shirts at the thrift stores in Taos a while back.  I've been pondering where to go with them, and what to add.  Then the other night, courtesy of another quilter's blog, I found  Eureka!!  The owner, Jennie, has a great selection of fat quarters cut from vintage sheets.  The package arrived yesterday, and they were so pretty wrapped in little bundles that it was hard to make myself open them.  Also, Jennie was so prompt and polite to work with...yay for people with manners!'s what I got.  All but the Kliban cats will go into the proposed quilt.  The plaid yardage was purchased yesterday at Quilt in a Day (they always have a great selection of sale fabrics).  Not sure I'll get to these on this trip, but they're sure going to be fun when I do.

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Kim said...

I visited Deanne's rug studio today. I saw this gorgeous pile of wools - kind of a blue grey set of colors and textures. But I wisely left it there, but I can't stop thinking about it :)
I have a "stash" problem