Friday, March 22, 2013

Gypsy Kisses

Kisses in progress
A while back, I fell in love with another blogger's version of the Maple Leaf Rag quilt from the book Material Obsession 2.  I got the book, checked it out, and decided it was going to require too much design wall room and attention, when what I was really looking for was something easy to sew on in the evenings.

First Kiss
Then I flipped pages and found the Gypsy Kisses quilt.  Known by other names by other designers (I think Kaffe Fassett calls it Olive Dish in one of his books), I fell in love on the spot and began printing out the 96 paper templates on which to do my piecing.  Then, I raided my stash and cut a bazillion strips of fabrics and tossed them into a box, and started sewing.  There's no love like new love!

The only problem was that I was neck deep in the middle of the string quilt from my last posting, and I swore, when I started quilting three years ago, I wouldn't be the crazy lady with lots of quilts in progress and loads of tops waiting to be quilted.  Silly me; I should have known myself better than that. 


Exuberant Color said...

That is going to be a fantastic quilt. AND it is much more fun having several quilts going at once. Glad you joined the fun!

sallyrae said...

very cool! Why would a gypsy kiss look like that? What is the history? I am curious.

Ter'e said...

I am screaming with JOY and jumping up and down! I just popped in as I was signing off and YOU HAVE BEEN FREAKING POSTING.
I am over joyed!!!!!!!!!!
I will be back to read, this afternoon.
I am so happy you are back.

Ter'e said...

Am I like a broken record or what????? I MISS YOU!!!!!! I MISS YOUR POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, wish I was closer and I would sit on you til you decided to write again.
Believe me!!!!!!! You don't want that.

Penni said...

Finally I'm back, too, and as always you inspire me. Thanks Martie!