Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is it a full moon?

I must say the last month has brought us some of THE strangest experiences we've had in our three plus years of business.  I am starting to wonder if the moon has been stuck on full...or if everyone's just having a bad winter...or or or...I just don't know what is going on. 

The long and short of it is that we've had more than a few requests for returning items either very used or not even purchased here...and with these events have come some verbal assaults on us that were completely out of line.  We have always had a clearly stated and posted return policy and there should never be any discussion beyond what's posted.  Most of all, I have to say that it hurts us to be treated this way, when we've tried so hard to provide the best customer service you can find in a yarn shop.

Just when I thought we'd heard it all, yesterday I received a call from a woman who purchased a sweater knitted with yarn from our shop.  She washed it and obviously did something wrong, as it felted up.  When she was unable to salvage it, she decided to lash out at us, saying we owed her replacement yarn so she could get another knitter to knit it again.  When Connie politely told her it was a circumstance out of our control, she threatened to report us to the Better Business Bureau.  Honestly...what is going on? they always say, one bad apple spoils it for the rest.  Because of the apparent inability of some people to understand our previous return policy, we now have, starting today, a new policy:

All sales are final.

If you are purchasing non-sale yarn for a project and are unsure how much you'll need, we'll hold up to five skeins for you for 30 days.  Beyond that, there's no negotiating.  I am very sorry to have to take this drastic measure, but I feel it's the only way we can stop these unhappy events from happening.  My most sincere apologies to those of you wonderful customers who would never dream of behaving in such a way!  --Martie


Teresa Q. said...

To Martie & all of the Sunflowers: In Texas - We all know that you'all are the best!

Kay in Albuquerque said...

Boy, it seems like sometimes all the bad juju comes down on you at once, doesn't it? Don't worry. And me, I would consider your new policy just fine -- I always get plenty; my personal motto: "Too much yarn" is an oxymoron. If it doesn't all get used in a project, it joins the stash!
You could print out a copy of your blog entry, increase the type size so it's nice and readable, and post it next to your new "no returns" policy. So if anybody wants to know why, there it is. Sheesh. Some people.