Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Sunny Saturday

I'm pretty excited.  It's Saturday morning and from where I sit, the vast expanse of three consecutive days at home holds the promise of lots of accomplishments.  First up: split pea soup in crock pot. Second: head upstairs to spin.  The only thing that will break my reverie this weekend is a trip to the ski valley tonight for a green chile cheeseburger...but I can face having to leave, knowing it means I don't have to cook dinner. 

This week we hit a milestone...we finally got our handspun yarns on the web.  If you haven't already figured it out...look to the upper right hand corner of this page and see the link to our album.  Our plan at this point is to update the album every week, on Friday afternoon, so keep watching for new yarns.                                                                                                                      Library_0004

More snow this past week!  I am in heaven.  I have officially scrubbed all plans to leave Taos until spring.  I don't want to miss a minute of this incredibly beautiful winter we are having.  On that note, Mr. Sunflower called me outdoors with my camera this morning to see an ice sculpture growing on our dormant Russian sage bush (it is directly below a leaky rain gutter).  Here's a little sample of what it looked like.  Ah...the simple things in life.  I am blessed.  ---Martie


Kay in Dallas said...

The handspun is dreamy. Would love to embellish with some of it. I need to get brave and try some with my wheel here in wintry (who knew!) Dallas.
Totally jealous about the green chile cheeseburger at Tim's!

Bernadette Garner said...

I love the one ice sculpture. It looks like a unicorn horn!!! Bennie