Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A sad ending

I'm heartbroken to report that Kara passed on Sunday morning.

She loved Taos, loved learning to ski, and most of all, loved her knitting.  I will always remember the day she told me that she thought that knitting was what she was meant to do in her lifetime; knowing, even in her beginner days, how important it was to be in her life.

There are no more words for this tragedy.  Thank you for your prayers.  --Martie

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CAHD WHITE said...

Thank you for the post. My name is Chad White. Kara's brother. Why so long for me to respond? From time to time I look for bits and pieces of her life thruogh her travels on the web. Just so happens I found this!!! We miss her so much. I do understand why she loved it out there so much now. While she was in the hospital we were with her it is beautiful there!!! She was such a free spirit!! we miss her greatly!
Chad S. White