Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Jewels of Taos

I decided to share what actually came off my wheel last weekend.  One day was spent carding batts of wool and other fibers, and two days were spent spinning those batts into what we call Jewels of Taos.  These yarns are seldom seen on the line in the shop, as they've ended up being saved for Terri Ranck's "Handspun Heaven" classes.  These, too, are being stashed for those students who'll take the next class.  This is the class we never get to advertise because by word of mouth, we always have a long waiting list.  You can see photos of the class project on our website.Library_0002

These last few days have been gloriously sunny and warm.  We even had the doors open in the shop for a short time this afternoon.  Warm weather brings a brief glimpse of this spring's coming mud-season...between mud and slushy snow, I barely made it the 2.5 miles up my dirt road to get home tonight.  The mud just gives those tires a mind of their own!

Thanks for the great response on our new Homegrown Handspun album...we've had several calls, several sales, and we are happy you like our work.

I'm now headed to my rocker to work on the most exciting project to be on my needles in some time...The Chevron Butterfly Shawl from Great Adirondack.  For those of you who subscribe to Knit n'Style, this beauty is featured in the current issue.  I'm doing this to hang in the shop and kits are available at the shop.  It uses approximately 26 different yarns in various colors and textures and is a real showstopper when finished...we saw it at the trade show last month and it honestly takes your breath away.  Ok...enough to knit!  --Martie

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