Sunday, July 1, 2007

Feeling pink

I've found some time for spinning and it seems it was time for pinks.  I never know, when I go upstairs to spin, what will jump out at me.  Yesterday I started to card some other colors, and a few scraps of pinks, turquoise, and greenLibrary0011
spoke to me from my scrap basket.  I made two skeins with lots of texture as a result.  As I headed out to photograph them to show you, I realized today's skein(s) looked nice with one of my handpainted here they are.

Then Mr. Sunflower wanted a photo of our dog, Meika, so she could have equal time with Bob.  I heard him telling her I like Bob better. Img_0871
I love my dogs but always remember the saying...cats rule and dogs drool.  If this offends you, I apologize right here and now. 

Yesterday we had a visit from Kara's parents.  They had never visited Taos before, and wanted to come meet those of us Kara worked with during her time here, as well as, see what Kara loved so much about Taos.  We had a very sweet visit.Library0015
  I took this photo of them as they were leaving...Larry, Jackie, and Kara's niece, Maci...who is now embarking on her own knitting career.  I know Kara would be very proud of her!

Last, but not least...a progress report of the visual sort on the wedding shawl.  Library0013
I spent most of the day Thursday warming my rocker and working on it.  I have a system that seems to be working, and my plan is to have this finished by the end of July.  The pressure is on...especially after reading Karen's blog about how she knitted her sister's lace shawl in under a month, while working full time and raising four children! 

Off to work on it now...Martie


Bennie said...

i love the shot of the pinks on the rocks~ meika looks a little embarressed~~ and wow that shawl is beautiful!!!

Martie said...

Yes, I fear if Meika could talk, well, what she might have said to me would not be fit for print...

RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
Beautiful shawl! Looks like it's coming along well.
My cat says the same thing about my dogs (LOL). In defense of the dogs though, at least I don't have to worry about them chewing on my yarn.

Martie said...

Well, yes...but I can't count the number of dog-chewed knitting needles we've helped customers replace...thank heavens, that has never been an issue here (probably because I'm always hiding my knitting from the cat). Did you see Yarn Harlot's June 29 post about her fleece? :0)