Friday, July 13, 2007

From the road

Only in California would I not be surprised to look out my window and see a seahorse floating by.

Truly.  One with a big grin, and a string hanging from his behind.  I ran for my camera to document this, but by the time I returned, he was happily sailing east, a block away.

Another balloon gone wrong.

Today's my last day here on the coast.  I am leaving soon to meet my best friend from high school.  We haven't seen each other in twenty years, and in truth, have about 40 years to catch up on.  This is all very exciting!

Kay...thanks for reminding me to mark which row I put the lifeline in.  I would probably have thought I could remember this info, and as you so gently pointed out, I wouldn't.  This is what I've done with my Denise needles in the past...rob the needles off a project and then SWEAR I'll remember what size goes on which UFO later...oh sure.  I have been joking for years about hanging an audio recorder around my neck for just such things...perhaps the time is getting closer.

A couple of quick things to share on lace knitting.  While searching the other day, I found these two blogs I want to share with you:  Lacefreak and Missalicefaye.  I may have mentioned these before, but these are the official links.  Drool on.

I am leaving this spectacular weather to head home tomorrow...a good weekend to all of you!---Martie


Sarah said...

Hi Marti
Hope you trip home was easy - thanks for posting the links to the other lace knitters blogs - I shall have a good read later.
The thing with birch is you cast all 299 stitches on to start with then gradually work done to the last 3. At the moment it is taking me half an hour per row!
Looking forward to reading more

Martie said...

Sarah: Think about it as if you're running a marathon...those first miles are hard, but by the time you get to the finish line, you're flying!