Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pluckyfluff, Pluckyfluff, Pluckyfluff

May I say first that it's as hard to type that many times in a row as it can be to say it.   :0)

August is just around the corner and Taos Camp Pluckyfluff is now barely eight weeks away.  For those of you who are signed up, or a fan of Lexi's, you understand how our excitement is starting to boil already.  It's like a fantasy come true that Lexi's actually coming to Taos...and shhhhhhhhhh....don't tell...but I heard a rumor that Jenny Neutron StarLibrary0318
, of her own spinning fame, may join Lexi as her teacher's assistant.  It can't get ANY better than that!!!!  (Here's a sneak peak of Jenny, captured when we were honored with her visit last spring.)

For those of you who don't know about Lexi, please see her website, Pluckyfluff.   Jenny Neutron Star's website is linked at the bottom.  I love them both.  I actually met Jenny (via cyberspace) before I met Lexi.  She offers her own twist on the spinning revolution (all puns intended).  She is just one happy smile after another and I hope we get lucky enough to have her with us this fall.

NOW...on to the fall...we have a few openings in our two Pluckyfluff classes because folks who have (regretfully) had to cancel.  These classes are two days long, one before the Taos Wool Festival and the second is just afterward.  The dates are:

Weds & Thurs, Oct. 3 & 4
Mon & Tues, Oct. 8 & 9

All the specifics about the class, supplies, and recommendations for lodging in the Arroyo Seco area are listed on our website.   If you or anyone you know is interested, please call us immediately to register, because as we did when we first opened the class, we'll take registrations on first come, first serve basis, and a waiting list will be kept in the same fashion.

To be in Taos in the fall to attend this class AND the Taos Wool Festival is just about as close to spinner's heaven as you will get...please join us if you can.  ---Martie

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