Thursday, July 26, 2007

Penny Lane

Once upon a time, a local woman came in to shop for her mother, who loves our shop but lives in Maryland.  I remember one of her first visits...wherein she was complaining that the LAST thing her mom needed was more yarn.  She spent her mom's $100 and went home.

The next week she appeared again.  She was buying almost the same yarns.  What happened?  She had taken the yarns home and decided to try knitting them herself.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Roll forward to last fall and guess who we hired?  Yep...Bennie.  What happened next is still blowing my mind.

I introduced her to my Rio Grande spinning wheel and within a week she not only owned one, but was spinning away like a madwoman.  She got it instantly...and her "new life" was off to a roaring start.  She has now moved on to North Carolina and is happily spinning her heart out so she can sell her yarns this coming fall at Stitches East in Baltimore.  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Penny Lane!

This past week, our friend Teresa came in and showed us her stash of shawls Library0007
she has knitted since her last visit some months ago.  One of them was knit of all handspun, using snowball yarn from Bennie/Penny and some of my Jewels  of Taos yarn...again, something better seen in person.  Bennie's yarn has occasional pearls spun in, along with crystals.  What looks white in the photo is really white with white Angelina and hints of the same turquoises and roses we see in our Taos sunsets.  Teresa, who is beautiful, demurred from please meet Bob, her husband, and Halston, her grandson. Halston, by the way, is learning to knit and showed me his first scarf, with such perfect edges I did a double-take. With those edges, I am thinking I should put him to work on my loom, next...---Martie


Bennie said...

Hi Martie, well gee.....thanks for you knid words and the link to my blog....I know that shawl is gorgeous and sparkly in real life and the models are cute you, Bennie/Penny

Martie said...

we wish you could have seen it in's magical! XOXO

HollyEQQ said...

That shawl is gorgeous!
And so are the models.

Martie said...

Yes, wish I had a better camera and some good skills to take pictures that really let everyone see better!