Monday, October 1, 2007

Super Sunday at the Sunflower

This past Sunday, we were thrilled to host well known (and loved) Interweave Press author and editor, Ann Budd.  Annsigning
Ann and her knitting buddies like to visit Taos each year, and this year she suggested a book signing (thank you, Ann).  As it turns out, there were five new titles published this year that she either wrote, co-wrote, or edited.  Wow!  This, from a  woman with a growing family and a full time job, to boot.  I told her I'd like to follow her around and see how she accomplishes so much.Annmartie

What a great sit and knit and chat with such fun and interesting women.  I can count the times I've sat down and knitted in the shop on fewer than ten fingers in five years.  This was a treat, more because of the company, and I came home realizing how much I miss having that aspect of knitting in my life...hard to pull off with a six day (plus) a week schedule.  Let this be a reminder to all of us that this is one of the richest parts of what we do, and we should work hard to find time to knit with friends...I know I'm going to make it a priority this coming winter. 

Thank you (from left to right) Susan, Jane, Darcy, Judy, Ann, Carmen and Stephanie for brightening my day and reminding me how important good friends are.  You're all the best.  ---Martie


Bennie said...

Hi Martie,
You look great and so happy in the photo!!! The wall behind you looks pretty with all the handspun...I have been dieing to see what the inside of the shop looks like now...and your rainbow pictures almost made me cry but i will not go there...funny because I was in Taos in a dream this morning...lub,B

Martie said...

I thought of you as I was chasing that rainbow...glad you got to see the pics. XOXO

Mandie said...

You look wonderful does the shop! All that yarny goodness, just beautiful :-)