Sunday, September 30, 2007

Under the rainbow

As we were leaving work yesterday afternoon, I looked up and saw the faintest sign Rainbowovershop
of a rainbow growing over Arroyo Seco.  I caught this photo of it as it was building over the shop.  The dark sky over the wagon Secodarkbeforerainbow
barely shows the faintest signs of it...and then within seconds, it was so vivid it almost seemed like a special effect in a movie.  I ran around the village wildly, shooting photos, until it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  I wanted to share a few of them with doesn't get much better.Rainbowovercow

Today, as I was downloading the photos for this posting, I had the feeling I was being watched.  Boblarry
I turned around and found my assistants, Bob and Larry.  Bob spends many hours on the window sill watching the birds who are harvesting the sunflower seeds outside his window.  He says to tell you that he doesn't think life gets much better, either.   ---Martie


RuthieJ said...

Beautiful rainbow pictures, Martie.
Looks like Bob & Larry are pretty good assistants! Quiet too, I'll bet.

Martie said...

Actually, Larry pretty much never shuts up! When I'm on the phone, he thinks I'm talking to him, so it gets even more intense. He gets right in my face and tilts his little head and just chatters on and on...quite the sweet heart (spoken from a smitten mom).