Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to our world

DFShopFromDoor Our workshop with Deanne Fitzpatrick came to an end this afternoon...sad to say.  Now it's time to head home and incorporate what we've learned and been inspired to learn.  The time spent with Deanne and all the other great women we met is something I'll keep close to my heart for a long time.  Linda&Deanne

Time now to see how on earth to get all this wool into our suit cases and get psyched up for two very long days of travel before we're back in Taos.  Until then, here are a few photos to share from these last few days.   (Forgive the bad lighting and photography, my mind was elsewhere.)DF&HousesMat

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shawn said...

ahh martie - you'll be carrying so much knowledge home with you. xxx