Saturday, May 2, 2009

The longest day

We are, thank heavens, in Amherst, NS...arriving late last night...despite Air Canada and what seems to possibly be a more screwed up system than I've ever flown before.

ACtoToronto I could truly write paragraphs about all the mishaps in our schedule, all the misinformation we were given, how we were treated, and how we almost didn't get here last night (in fact, Linda's bag didn't make it until today)...but I won't.  I'm just saying the next time I plan to come to Amherst, I'll either fly another airline to Halifax or I'll fly Southwest to Manchester and drive over (which would have taken the same amount of time and about $1,000.00 less in our combined expenses).

Live and learn.  In the meantime I've decided to share a photo of the little bucket that flew us to Toronto (think portable outhouse). 


shawn said...

i'm so sorry it went badly! i don't imagine there's a canadian who wouldn't want to swap air canada stories with you!

Martie said...

REALLY? You mean this wasn't just an isolated experience? was really a day to remember (NOT).
BUT...the important part is that we're here and loving it! You should see Deanne's studio...WOW! Wish you were here...

Kay said...

are we having fun yet???
Sounds like. I am so glad.