Friday, June 12, 2009

End of the week

Now that the shop has closed and I have the luxury of staying home again, I rarely go to town except on Fridays.  Friday morning is my standing Pilates appointment with my super wonderful Pilates instructor, Dianne. IMG_0384 She's been cracking the whip on me (figuratively, please) for at least three years now...maybe longer...we've sort of lost track.  I have no exercise genes in my DNA, so it is a testament to her good nature and fun personality that I've hung with it.  It also is what keeps me from getting stiff and creaky.  Here is a view from one of the many things we do on these visits.  Oh...and here's Dianne.  She had a fit that I aimed the phone camera at her.  She's adorable but hates the camera.IMG_0381

I've been planting in our new greenhouse (finally).  I was amazed to plant years' old radish seeds on June 4 and find them break through with sprouts on June 6.  I can see I'm going to love this greenhouse more than I had guessed.  It would take half a summer to grow a radish in our yard.

I've found myself listening to audio books again lately.  A few days ago, I read a complimentary posting about  Are any of you Audible users?  I'd love to know your experiences, pro and con, if any.  I'm excited to find somewhere to get unabridged books.  Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

I'll be dyeing rovings tomorrow...and hope you'll be having a great weekend, whatever you're doing.


Kay said... Ann Marie swears by it. She loves it. Give it a try. Also, books are very reasonable on ITunes. Love to "listen" to a good reader.

Monte McBride said...

Thanks to your loan.....I really enjoyed The Blind Assassin, hated to have it end.

StephanieG said...

I used to use - mostly for the kids. Back then we were on dial up and it was a bit slow, but I've been thinking of subscribing again. We thoroughly enjoyed it when we had it.
Most of my reading these days is the audio variety, and I'm always looking for books on CD at the library. I forgot about iTunes as another source.
By the way did you finish The Lace Reader? I listened to it earlier this spring and am always curious how others interpret it.