Sunday, June 21, 2009

First day of summer

Happy solstice, everyone! 

After driving home from Durango yesterday in a downpour of rain, it is an absolutely gorgeous day today, with full sun, some fluffy clouds dancing around, and a gentle breeze.  A perfect day to, well, do some spring cleaning.  NOT.

It's true, though.  In my current de-stash mode, I spent the morning fearlessly spelunking through the wool room.  I have decided to devoid myself of all bags of raw fleece.  I'm going to stop selling the locks on the Etsy shop and I am no longer interested in spinning raw fleeces for the rugs I have yet to weave and the yarns that I never get around to selling.  Boy, does it feel good to have made this decision.  Now to get them all on to good homes.

While in the wool room, I found loads of yarns that would love to be used as is or dyed by someone else (pas moi).  One batch is a blend I had done at the Taos Wool Mill a few years back...a worsted two ply in a soft grey color, a favorite of my friend Merike Saarniit.  Then last year, just before I made the decision to offically close the shop, I purchased three batches of two ply worsted Columbia wool from a ranch in Oregon whose name, unfortunately, escapes me at the moment.  I've decided to start selling those in de-stash, also.  If you're not familiar with Columbia, it's a very bouncy and soft wool which is particularly lovely for garments.  More on that later.

So...where ever you are this weekend, I hope you're having fun and great weather!

PS  Don't do as I do, do as I say:  don't do any cleaning today, it's Sunday...enjoy it.

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Penni said...

Good for you Martie! It is so freeing, liberating, dare I say, to simplify! Are you going to be de-stashing these on etsy? Just asking.-P.