Monday, June 15, 2009

The tenant

BirdB  Just last week I bothered to take a look at our porch light fixture and noticed that someone had established a rather cozy home on the top of it.  I honestly couldn't tell you if it was leftover from last year or not...and about the time I was deciding it appeared vacant, one day I detected the tiniest bit of tail sticking up in the air.  

Well, this poor girl could have probably done a lot better in terms of privacy, but she's smart enough to be out of the weather and hopefully, somewhere where no invader birds will steal her babies before they're big enough to be on their own.  For now, she's sitting on her eggs.  I am now tippy-toeing in and out, trying not to disturb her.  For a few hours earlier today, she was facing out and I could see a small bit of her little head.  I saw some yellow...and she's quite I'm guessing she's some sort of finch.PorchTenant

Just now when I went outside to turn off the dyepots, I noticed she had turned around.  It was too cute to pass up, I had to share it with you.


Monte McBride said...

Now if you could just get her to sign the lease.

RuthieJ said...

That's so cool Martie!! Quite an intricate nest also. I'll have to check my bird nest and western bird field guides--that nest looks almost too neat to be a finch (I'm thinking maybe some sort of phoebe of flycatcher.....I'll let you know if I figure out something definitive)