Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The season to give

I love reading other blogs at this time of the year and finding yet more inspiration for charity knitting and donating to those who are less fortunate than I. This summer, when I wasn't feeling well and I wanted to knit but barely could, I managed to (ta da!) get my scarves knitted for the annual scarf donation project for the St. Elizabeth's Shelter in Santa Fe (a project lovingly started and continued by one wonderful Sarah Bienvenu).

On Thanksgiving day, one of my friend's daughters mentioned she donates time twice a week to a really well run shelter in Albuquerque. Yay! I've long been suspicious of where donations really go in our little town (cynic that I am), so here was a chance to get things straight to the folks who need it.

So today I spent a large portion of my day spelunking through drawers and my closet...as my dear friend Tracy would say...facing the seedy underbelly of my life. It was worth it...I managed about 5 trash bags of shirts, sweaters, socks, scarves, mittens...and four fists full of hangers with coats and more shirts.

My stepdaughter wrote me this morning, asking what I'd like for Christmas. Think I'll write her back tonight and tell her I did it today.

(Photo courtesy of forumblacklist.com...it reminded me of how all my stuff feels on some days.)


Anonymous said...

What a fine action to perform--the donations! I like your photo. Looks like a corner in my barn that I need to go through and cull. Enjoying your blog! It makes me get more into the Christmas spirit.

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks so much...