Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Single rainbow
We've had heat and are in the worst drought in NM history, but when I watched the national news this evening, my heart went out to so many of you who are truly suffering horrible heat indexes (along with your own drought and fire situations). 

I remember someone telling me years ago that if we all took our problems and threw them into a pile, we'd probably end up taking our own problems back after seeing those others have.  I think of this often when I find myself on the verge of complaining about something.

Double rainbow (partial)
This evening, during dinner, a small miracle occurred...not only did we have a thunderstorm with some showers, but the sky put on a show that I want to share with you. 

Another reason I love NM so much...our skies are special, I'm sure of it.


Penni said...

You are so right! Beautiful sky.

Orange Sink said...

I've always loved a beautiful rainbow! Somehow they seem to hold promise of something good!
Glad you got some much needed rain Martie!
Cathy G

echiment said...

NOWHERE compares to the skies of New Mexico! Thanks for sharing the pix