Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The smokey mountains

Well, we made it through July 4 without someone starting a fire up here with fireworks.  In New Mexico, it is not legally possible to place a ban on the selling of fireworks, but the recent spate of wildfires (at one point there were 7 burning in various parts of the state) had our governor begging people to stop selling and stop using them.  I heard a report on the radio this morning that one of the primary causes of these wildfires has been the use of heavy equipment sparking.  I know there have been drought years when I just gnash my teeth when I hear people riding dirt bikes and four wheelers up here in the forest.  Arrogance knows know boundaries.

Here are a couple of photos I took of the big Las Conchas fire while driving back from Santa Fe yesterday.  The residents of Los Alamos were allowed back into their homes several days ago, but the fire rages on, now burning approximately 131,000 acres.  It is officially the largest in NM history.  The smoke at our place hasn't been quite so bad the last few days, but it's still here.  We are praying for the monsoons to start this soon and bring us enough rain to help the firefighters (and hope we don't get more fires from lightning strikes).


echiment said...

Geez Martie--and regarding the motorcyclists/4 wheelers, would that be
arrogance or ignorance--likely a whole lot of both. I've been thinking about you. Let's talk soon.

Penni said...

Talk about amazing sky photos. I've been wanting to post comments more frequently but have been going through this weird looping thing that I think I've finally gotten out of, I hope!
XOXO, Penni