Friday, July 14, 2006

Change of Heart

Have you ever started a project and then decided it was the wrong job for the yarn?  Well, that's what happened to my Spring Socks.  I finished one sock and while I loved it, I knew that the yarn was too fragile for socks, at least the kind of wear I put them through.  So, back to the drawing board.  I ended up deciding to knit yet another Clapotis (see archives, under shawls and scarves) by Kate Gilbert.  Here's my photo of how it turned out...please note I haven't finished dropping all the stitches yet, so it will have more texture when I do. Cimg0420

If you haven't knitted the Clapotis yet, get ready for some big fun.  It is knit on the diagonal, and assisted by lots of stitch markers, every so many rows you drop a stitch, which then gets pulled to make that wonderful open look and makes you look like some kind of knitting genius.  All of the Sunflowers have knitted them many times...they are luscious in Kureyon, Silk Garden, Silver Thaw (those self striping yarns really show off the design) and Lorraine's most recent favorite, Misti Alpaca Lace Weight.  Make them wide for shawls (the design hangs on your shoulders nicely) or make them narrower, as I have for this sock.  Happy knitting!  ---Martie   

PS  My apologies for my photographer (rather, lack of) skills...the colors look a little washed out.  However, in my defense..the scarf was knitted in three color progressions, from dark to light...                                             

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