Sunday, July 23, 2006


I fear I am a woman possessed...every hour not spent working in the shop, eating, or sleeping is spent designing and spinning new yarns.  My latest ensemble, which I've named "Garden Party", is now in the shop on display (and for sale).  It is a bundle of four coordinated yarns, hand dyed mohairs and wools with lots of goodies inserted to make it special.  Cimg0428 I think of these bundles as the artistic seed for a project...use them alone or add to the mix to make more yardage for a one of a kind project.

The last weeks, our friend and Honorary Sunflower Terri Ranck was in Taos for some vacation and teaching time.  She taught her popular "Tie One On" class, and yet a new group of enthusiastic knitters is now launched to make their own unique garments based on Terri's techniques.  While she was in town, we made her swoon with our handspun yarns, and she's gone back to Texas, working on a design and plan for a class using these yarns, to be held this fall.  Dates and information on Terri's classes will be posted on our website's "What's New" page tomorrow (Monday 7/24).  We think you'll love what she's up to and will not want to miss this class.  (

A while back I posted a query about favorite knitting books...well...the votes were cast.  Here's what we came up with:

The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt received the most passionate recommendation.

Knitting in America came in second, for its  beauty and inspiration.

I could not make myself pick one favorite (see how I am?) but would have to say anything by Elizabeth Zimmerman makes me feel free.   Thanks to those of you who participated!


P.S.  I've added a few of my favorite sites...check  them out when you have time!

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Bernadette Garner said...

Hi Martie,
I am so happy that "Garden Party" lives at my house now!! What I thought I would do with it first did not work. Then I had another brain storm or it was more like a pea brain idea...and it did not work either. Geezzzz....but now, I am making something sooooo exciting with it. I can't go fast enough! Being a knit stitch only kinda gal makes me look to color and creativty, and I am having so much fun with this yarn. Maybe by next week I will have my first project done with part of it.
Taos Sunflower is one of my most favorite spots in NM and all the Sunflowerets are so kind and helpful!! Lots of Love to everyone, Bernadette